YEU’s Third Activity of Superheroes of Climate Change

The third activity of Superheroes of Climate Change has begun!. 

Thirty participants were selected from the previous project activities – “Creating a Core” and  “Telling a Story” – arrived on November 27 in Brussels, Belgium for the third activity – “Making a change”.

The aim of the third activity of Superheroes of Climate Change is to assess the success and the impact of the storytelling campaigns at the local level as well as their applicability to climate change actions from a perspective of climate communications. During the activity, the participants will have the opportunity to develop recommendations on green agenda mainstreaming at both local and European levels based on their campaigns and project related experiences. Furthermore, the participants will evaluate the overall process and applicability of the approaches used by youth organisations working directly with young people at the local level and plan further actions at both local and European levels related to climate change and environmental consciousness.

During this activity, the participants had the opportunity to meet up with organisations, decision makers and other stakeholders working on climate change, climate communication and green policies. Firstly, the participants had the chance to share their experiences during the project, its results, as well as their Policy Recommendations on this topic. Afterwards, the young people that have been involved in this year-long process got to hear from and interact with the guests regarding the initiatives, projects and policies they have on the topics of climate change and green policies.

Stay tuned to discover all the activities and the adventures of our Superheroes!

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